Want to earn R50 – R500 a Month?

We will now pay individuals to display the Piscescope logo on their cars. This is a month to month agreement and can be cancelled at anytime.


  • Car must have the original paint job.
  • The car can’t have any modifications to it.
  • No other stickers may be on the car while advertising our logo
  • Stickers must be displayed where “we” “piscescope” choose to display them.
  • Car must be a newer model than 2010
  • Must drive more than 25km per day
  • Clean driving record 
  • Car can not have unsightly dents and scratches while display our logo.

Piscescope has the right to terminate the agreement at anytime and once asked to remove the logo off your car it will need to be done within 5 days. We have the last say when it comes to the types of cars we want to market on and the position and size of the logo to be applied on your car. We will not be held responsible for any damage or marks it may leave on your car.

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